Will Sigur Rós’s CBD Tinctures Laga Allt Rangt Hjá Mér?

In future eminence dramas about the years surrounding this one, set designers will spread proof of CBD around home spaces as an easter egg for eagled-eyed audiences.

Yes, it’s true– Sigur Rós, in partnership with CBD-focused artist collective Vona, has launched a duo of 1000 mg broad spectrum CBD tinctures. The casts are called “Sleep” and “Wake” and are stated to, respectively, “support your mind and body as you drift off into the ethereal” and “help you line up with the real world” They are $58 separately, or $9995 for the duo.

It of course makes sense that Sigur Rós would release a line of CBD casts. Their music, both in its post-punk and ambient kinds, is the acoustic equivalent of CBD– or, more specifically, the aural equivalent of claims related to the anxiety reducing results of CBD.

However does it work?

For the sake of background, I ‘d like to say that I have at points, mostly in high school, been an active fan of Sigur Rós. While CBD is non-psychoactive, the band led to one of my most naturally psychedelic high school memories.

* From what I remember, the thought was tossed into the class contextless. My interior life and my outside life collided with the level of strength that if carried out between two ultra-dense stars may result in a black hole.

It was exceptionally insane. But let’s see how the CBD is.


I wish to say right away that these are the very best tasting CBD products I have sampled, and I have tested numerous. As a writer, PR companies in some cases reach out to me to see if I want to try their CBD-related wares, and generally I do, since who am I to state no, conserve for the dog-related CBD products, which I consistently refuse out of worry. I have actually attempted a number of edible CBD tinctures, just one of which– identified “EXTRA STRENGTH”– had a noticeable result, when I mistakenly took four times the suggested dosage and later on attempted to stroll my pet. I thought I was passing away. My legs were close to nonfunctioning. I was extremely drowsy.

Most of the tinctures taste like weed and dirt, or something like weed and dirt and mint. This one tastes a little like that, however mostly like rose and lemon, which is its stated flavor. A great flavor for sleep. Unlike the EXTRA STRENGTH brand name of which I unintentionally ingested a ludicrous quantity, “Sleep” does not dependably make me particularly drowsy. I took each of the tinctures frequently for about two weeks, and the results of Sleep were mixed. Sometimes I felt sleepy; other times I felt uneasy.

It is great, however, to have another step in the sleep regimen. Oops, have to take my sleep oil! It’s great to provide yourself little tasks, specifically now. It’s also nice to have a small bit of hope that something may make anything even somewhat better. This is, obviously, why scams work. Probably nothing will ever make anything better. This is, naturally, life.


Wake is likewise delicious, as far as CBD oils go. Once again, it’s good to pretend you’re in Alice In Wonderland and you have to take your little wake-up medicine to aliven yourself to the day.

Possibly it’s more like Peter Pan, and I just didn’t think enough. Or perhaps the world is too heavy to be raised by the promises of CBD. Listening to Sigur Rós’s music in preparation for this piece did motivate a visceral experience within me, transferring me directly back to my early teenager years. And I did in truth feel this in my body and mind. So maybe the tinctures are unnecessary anyway.

I have because concluded that since this taken place around the time of the release of (), NPR should have done a sector about them. In fact, after some Googling, I want to state she possibly heard this

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