Healist Advanced Naturals: Healist Identity


Health start-up Present Life launches Healist Advanced Naturals, a medically supported CBD variety, with a cut-through brand technique that marries science and nature by Robotic Food. Because restrictions on the use of cannabidiol (the non-intoxicating component of cannabis) were lifted in Europe and The United States And Canada, the CBD wellness sector has actually blown up. Experts are now forecasting that the worldwide market will go beyond ₤72 billion by 2026– and sales of CBD-based products in the retail sector will be a major motorist of that development. As an outcome, the marketplace is ending up being significantly congested and baffled, with a proliferation of balms, oils, and tinctures in varying portion strengths, promising to correct any number of health concerns. Present Life wanted to develop a line of product that took advantage of this sector development, but in a manner that changes the story around CBD items, gets rid of confusion, shows stability, and makes the health advantages crystal clear to the consumer. Robotic Food was approached to drill down and specify the opportunity, and after that create a tactical action to place Healist as a benefit-focused flagship brand name with multichannel selling in mind. The resulting work has made it possible for Healist to cut through all the white sound. Customers are assured of the top quality nature of the items, and are able to browse the range quickly to discover the best variant for their requirements. “A shift in regulations and customer state of mind have actually sustained a sharp development in the CBD category, so we required to produce a brand name with special cut-through. It was essential to get rid of the common barriers related to CBD items, develop trust and make it mainstream,” states Simon Forster, executive innovative director and founder of Robot Food. An essential part of the strategy was to show the benefits to be found where modern-day science and botanical know-how satisfy, and show how that marital relationship can assist consumers restore balance and ‘reclaim their 100%’. To that end, the combination message is evident at every touchpoint on the consumer journey. The bespoke packaging format makes a genuine virtue of the science and nature story and concentrates on the effectiveness of the ingredients. A lab-white ‘science’ sleeve with a diecut ‘H’ is removed to reveal the ‘nature’ layer, including botanical illustrations that display active ingredients, with 4 colourways so customers can quickly differentiate the 4 main advantages (calm, sleep, wellness, relief). “The ‘H’ marque captures Healist’s spirit. One pillar represents science, the other nature, while a central dot signs up with the 2 and is symbolic of equilibrium,” says Steph Oglesby, design director at Robotic Food. Robot Food has actually produced a brand name world and intonation to support the USP and motivate trust, with messaging that includes hero declarations like: “Ground-breaking science. It remains in our nature” and “Powerful natural ingredients. Down to a science.” From product packaging right through to the brand name interaction strategy, scientific hints, consisting of annotation lines and botanical illustrations, produce a structure that reinforces the power of nature when blended with a clinical method. “We have actually developed and released our own brands at Robot Food, so we had the ability to recognize the broader chance within the marketplace,” says Forster. “Many CBD brands focus their approach on the portion of CBD oil, or align to a particular lifestyle. With Healist, we positioned the consumer first, producing benefit-led solutions provided in a brand name architecture that bridges science and wellness.” Michael Bryce, co-founder and global chief marketing officer, Healist, says: “Dealing with Robotic Food helped us clarify and totally realise our special market position. As a company, the team at Robot Food always has front of mind industrial viability in addition to strong, interesting style. The brand name strategy can flex and grow as we do too.” Part of a continuous relationship with Present Life, Robot Food will continue to support Healist with digital content development, and function as brand guardians. Launched online in March, Healist plans to get into mainstream retailers in the United States, followed by the European market dependent on the changes to CBD regulations.

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