FemBeat: This Young Bulgarian Founder Produces CBD-Infused Tampons In London

Daye tampons

Daye tampons


While there is no scarcity of tampon subscription start-ups in the Femtech area, none have resolved the primary pain point included with periods, which is discomfort itself. Remaining in bed and popping pain reliever every month is the conventional method of handling menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea– a condition that affects more than 80%of ladies With governments taxing sanitary products and pharmaceutical companies growing on pain medication sales, it depends on visionary business owners to discover innovative options for females.

Valentina Milanova took it upon herself to blaze a trail with Daye, a ladies’s health brand that produces CBD-infused tampons to soothe menstrual cramps. With $5.5 million raised and a waitlist of more than 20,000 women, Milanova’s mission appears to resonate.

” We wouldn’t utilize a cars and truck from the 1940 s, a phone from the 1950 s, nor depend on a health suggestion from the 1960 s,” Milanova told me in an interview. “Yet all of us still utilize tampons that were developed in the 1940 s since we see them as a banal, generic item. Our greatest insight at Daye is to dig deeper and see tampons for what they are: an amazing opportunity to bring greater requirements and innovation to a product used by billions of ladies.”

Purposeful Tampons

The young Bulgarian business owner founded London-based Daye in 2018, introduced out of beta previously this year and is now delivering to ladies throughout the UK (Milanova says they got 1,000 paying customers in week one post launch). Customers can pick in between the Naked tampon, which is made with organic, toxic-free and sustainable cotton, or the Ultra-soothing tampon, which, in addition to having all the advantages of the Naked tampon, has actually an added layer of high-potency CBD. The cost of a month-to-month box varieties between ₤ 6 and ₤14($ 7 to $16).

Valentina Milanova, Founder and CEO of Daye

Valentina Milanova, Founder and CEO of Daye


Milanova had her very first uncomfortable period at age 9 and spent the majority of her teenage years investigating documents on female health and commercial hemp. She got her “Eureka!” minute when she discovered the plant’s fibers were not just absorbent, however that its extract had analgesic properties too.

Although the EU does not control tampons as medical gadgets, Daye states that its pilot producing center in South London self-regulates to pharmaceutical-grade requirements. In addition to this, the startup says it has actually implemented an extra sanitization action utilizing gamma rays to remove the presence of germs, yeast and chemical residue in tampons.

” Gamma rays kill germs like staph, which causes Harmful Shock Syndrome (TSS),” discusses Milanova. “Our tampons likewise have a protective sleeve that prevents fibre loss and decreases the danger of vaginal infections such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis (BV), commonly experienced after a period.”

In light of the COVID-19 circumstance, Daye recently sent an e-mail to its customers to reassure them about the steps it takes to guarantee its tampons are safe from contamination. This consists of an ISO 7 certified cleanroom, production operators wearing full-body cleanroom fits and having their temperature taken at the start of each shift.

Daye's sanitized tampons

Daye’s sanitized tampons


Making The Tampons

Although it at first outsourced its manufacturing, Daye now manufactures its tampons internal. By raising $5.5 million in capital, Milanova was able to employ top engineering talent and construct her own proprietary tampon-coating device. Raising this amount of cash is no small feat as numerous (male) VCs still wince when hearing the words “vagina”, “tampons” and “durations”. Daye’s backers include Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Kindred Capital and Atomico’s Sophia Bendz, who is a seasoned Angel financier in the Femtech space (she purchased Daye herself, not through Atomico).

” I have not seen numerous individuals or companies innovate within female health in the ambitious way Valentina and her group do,” Bendz informed me in an email.

Milanova says Daye tampons have been cleared by the European Medicines Agency and have recently been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clearance in the U.S. The team works closely with a select group of scientific organizations, doctors and scientists to perform its research and advancement (R&D).

The CBD Industry

Utilizing CBD for particular purposes is absolutely nothing new, particularly in the U.S. According to CB Insights, cannabis-related startups raised more than $1.3 billion across 160 equity handle the very first five months of 2019, compared to $590 million over 127 deals during the same time frame the previous year.

When it comes to CBD application in females’s health, nevertheless, there hasn’t been much development (shocker). Some brands have actually developed CBD-based products, like Moon Leaf’s cast and Ohne’s Holy Cramp oil There are also CBD suppositories to be placed vaginally that are offered by brand names like VSpot and Miss Turf. Israeli startup Gynica recently revealed that it will commence testing for cannabinoid-based treatments that target endometriosis.

However Daye’s tampons have a double function: soaking up blood and releasing CBD locally.

CBD tampons

CBD tampons

Daye’s Instagram page

” Daye’s scientific information indicate efficiency on par with pain medications, however with a quicker onset of action,” says Dr. Melanie Bone, a board certified ObGyn who owns a Florida-based medical marijuana practice for women. She is on Daye’s Medical Board of advisers and has actually reviewed the start-up’s clinical information.

” Most of cannabinoid-containing items on the market today have too low of a dose to produce a therapeutic outcome. Daye’s dose (100 mg of high-potency, full-spectrum CBD with 0%THC) shows effectiveness in placebo-controlled human trials, and the high concentration allows for healing effects of Daye’s cannabinoid formula to be bioavailable (i.e. going into the flow when presented into the body therefore able to have an active result).”

Milanova says that her group atomizes the CBD so it remains on the surface area of the tampon, where it’s in contact with the vaginal mucosa, which is filled with cannabinoid receptors. When representatives are administered vaginally, they are processed through the first pass uterine result, rather than systemically, which implies they are recycled through the pelvic organs and do not have an influence on the gastrointestinal system, kidneys or liver.

” It is so exciting to see individuals get imaginative with how to incorporate CBD into everyday lives,” states Ozzie Ozkay-Villa, a professional doula and mommy blog writer who runs a way of life and wellness media that focuses on the advantages of cannabis.

# MindThePainGap

In addition to manufacturing CBD-infused tampons, Milanova states she is on a mission to close the gender gap in medical research and product innovation– something she describes as the “gender discomfort gap”.

#MindThePainGap campaign

#MindThePainGap project

Daye’s Instagram page

” Non-prescription painkillers have actually never been checked on the female physiology and carry a wide variety of side-effects, like gastrointestinal inflammation,” she states. “Women are more likely to be prescribed sedatives instead of pain relievers because our pain is still viewed as hysteria.”

She includes that endometriosis, a condition where the tissue that typically lines the within the uterus starts growing on the outside, affects 10%of women and costs the economy ₤ 2.5 billion ($ 2.9 billion) each year– yet diagnosis takes control of 7 years. And despite affecting the same variety of individuals as diabetes, it receives considerably less financing and attention— around $1 of research study financing for every $200 purchased diabetes.

Daye just recently released a project in the UK to raise awareness around this disparity in medical research and funding. Pay attention and #MindThePainGap.

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