What CBD Can Do For You?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol and is extracted from the cannabis plant. Now much more available, there is a growing interest in CBD. New products are appearing daily, including food and drink supplements, vaping canisters, and oils with CBD. These items claim to have wide-ranging health benefits. However, is CBD safe or appropriate for everyone?

What is CBD?

Marijuana has two main natural chemicals that people focus on, CBD and THC. Short is for tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the compound that makes people feel ‘high’ and has mind-altering properties. While the natural plant has a mixture of both these chemicals, the medical benefits are found in the CBD. Therefore, all the new products on the market with advertised health-giving properties are from legally grown cannabis plants with the natural CBD extracted.

Is marijuana legal?

Marijuana, also called cannabis and a whole host of other nicknames, is illegal to buy and sell in most places. The few exceptions such as Amsterdam have a tourist sector based around managing the visitors who come to try cannabis. The law is slowly changing, however. Licenses to grow, sell, and buy marijuana for medical use are becoming commoner.

States in the US are decriminalizing marijuana, as are countries like the UK and Canada. That does not mean smoking a joint while walking down the street is okay. Instead, the changes in restrictions reflect changing attitudes towards the plant. Attitudes are altering because of the growing scientific evidence that CBD oil can cure or manage a host of medical issues.

Potential benefits

Some of the proposed benefits of include:

• Reduce symptoms of anxiety

• Relieve pain

Prevent seizures

• Anti-acne

• Slow or stop tumor growth

• Protection against degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s

Although there are many potential benefits and health claims of CBD products, there is limited scientific evidence to support them.

That does not mean that CBD cannot help manage or relieve symptoms, but that few scientific studies have been done to find out if the health claims are valid.

So far, the best evidence for the health benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil is in preventing seizures for epilepsy patients. There have been several cases in the media of parents breaking the law to bring their children CBD medicine to alleviate the symptoms of rare conditions like Dravet syndrome. It is the public support for these parents, which has encouraged health authorities such as the FDA to approve cannabis medicines, for example, the drug Epidiolex. Sources: https://biomdplus.com/

Is CBD addictive?

Marijuana itself is not addictive. The reason people who smoke ‘weed’ get addicted to the habit, is because they mix the cannabis with tobacco to help it burn. It is the tobacco which has addictive properties. However, people with addictive personalities can become dependant on any product that they believe makes them feel better. For marijuana, it is the psychoactive THC natural compound which gives the ‘high’ feeling and not the CBD which people can become dependent. Supplemental products and medicines with CBD have no inherent addictive properties.

The future of CBD and health

Health authorities such as the FDA have strict rules for medicines and their health claims. That means that any pharmaceutical product containing CBD can be trusted because it has passed rigorous tests.

However, dietary supplements and therapeutic products are not considered medicine, and therefore, do not have to follow FDA guidelines. Supplements with CBD listed as an ingredient are unregulated. Though these supplements might help deal with symptoms such as anxiety, acne, and pain, they may not work for each person in the same way. Different people need different doses for CBD to be effective. Also, the full effects of CBD on other medicines a patient might be taking are unknown. Therefore, the best medical advice is to proceed with caution and discuss your situation with a doctor.